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Just like food....People expire too...Time to let some go!

I felt somebody needed what I was just thinking.. Just because you've been friends with someone forever doesn't mean you can't out grow them...sometimes you were never friends in the first place...maybe you were the giver and they took...perhaps you are a creature of habit...Some people just hang around to see what's going on or what they can benefit from...Some are jealous af of you and really pray for your downfall/can't stand to see you winning...If your not growing in your friendships or evolving, they need to go! Period...Just recognize when it's time to let go! It's like taking a laxative! Time to get rid of the shit so the true people have room to fit! You will feel lighter and your Space will be peaceful and serene...If I had never let of go some people i would never have met the amazing souls that are in my world...Stop settling for less than what you deserve...Time is too precious to's not about how long you have known someone but rather the impact that they have made in the time you've known them...Just one to sleep on...Love u ❤️ #lovemovement 

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