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3:31am. I am up. Grateful for every single person that I have crossed paths with. Good, Bad or ugly, there was a lesson learned through each experience. I wouldn’t change a thing. Those experiences built the woman you see today and the woman I am evolving into. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for whatever part you played. I am pregnant with words and stories yet untold. I am in ACTIVE labor...I love you fam! I pray today brings you Peace, Love, Joy and determination to achieve your hearts desires! Let no one silence your voice! Kill your dreams! Or have you feeling less of yourself! You are Powerful! You are worthy! Now go and create the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! Stop doubting yourself! ANYTHING is possible if you just believe! ❤️❤️❤️ #lovemovement #wordstolife #author #playwright #host #brandambassador #healer #actress #activist #motivationalspeaker #domesticviolence #rape #abuse #METOO

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